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Low Carb vs. Low Fat Diets

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I am a new Type 2 member who has pored over both Dr. Barnard's (lowfat) and Dr.Bernstein's (low carb) websites and countless reviews of their books and am still confused.
When first diagnosed, I was told to limit my carbs to 165 grams per day. I am able to keep my carbs at or under that number. But I do not think I can reduce them to the level recommended by Dr. Bernstein.
I think Dr. Barnard is onto something regarding his finding that fat within the cells prevents insulin from opening the cell membranes so that the cells can absorb and process glucose. I am going to ask my doctor next week about this. I might be able to reduce my animal protein intake, but it will be hard to completely eliminate it.
I would really appreciate some input from any members who have more experience in this. Do any of you recommend low fat or low carb, or, is a compromise diet feasible?

Thank you !
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I have tried both -- albeit the Barnard/Ornish (same thing) before I was diagnosed with LADA -- but after I had been dx'd with Hashimoto's thyroiditis.

I ate that way, resumed running, and lost a lot of weight over about a six month period. BUT the running HURT -- shin splints, plantar fasciitis, etc. and a lot of chronic injuries that kept me from running. Eventually I slacked off of it. I was already an ovo-lacto vegetarian, but more fat entered into my diet. Portion control was a lost cause.

15 years later, 1.5 yrs ago, I was diagnosed with T2D which I knew was not the whole story because of the Hashimoto's. The rather dictatorial Endo informed me I "would" control my calorie intake by restricting fat.

I got online because I was suspicious of the lack of autoantibody testing ... and I found Bernstein and low-carbing. I thought he and his adherents were CRAZY.

However, eating to your meter made good sense to me. Although had I followed ADA initially, it might not have been such a protracted battle for me to get insulin ... I was on oral meds and began eating to my meter. And what I discovered was ... Bernstein was right! I already had frozen shoulder, who knows what would have come next, had I stuck with ADA?

I will add, I am on Levemir only. At one point I upped my TDD to 12 U and I GAINED WEIGHT. I was eating a bit more carb, but not really so much. I am down to 6U, and gaining muscle, not belly ... and eating between 40 - 55 g of carb per day. If I ate as much carb as recommended, I am sure I would have to up my insulin, and be gaining weight -- and D side effects.
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