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Low Carb vs. Low Fat Diets

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I am a new Type 2 member who has pored over both Dr. Barnard's (lowfat) and Dr.Bernstein's (low carb) websites and countless reviews of their books and am still confused.
When first diagnosed, I was told to limit my carbs to 165 grams per day. I am able to keep my carbs at or under that number. But I do not think I can reduce them to the level recommended by Dr. Bernstein.
I think Dr. Barnard is onto something regarding his finding that fat within the cells prevents insulin from opening the cell membranes so that the cells can absorb and process glucose. I am going to ask my doctor next week about this. I might be able to reduce my animal protein intake, but it will be hard to completely eliminate it.
I would really appreciate some input from any members who have more experience in this. Do any of you recommend low fat or low carb, or, is a compromise diet feasible?

Thank you !
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I do not concern myself *too* much with fat content. Some fat helps you stabilize your blood sugar a bit by slowing down digestion of carbs. Bernstien makes some good points...but I think his recommendations are so far to the extreme that it would be difficult to maintain for life in my opinion. I do subcribe to lo carb way of eating, it is best to manage my blood sugar. But his way is practically no carb. Which might be effective, but personally I am just not willing to live that way forever. I have been able to manage mine keeping my carb intake to about 35-50 carbs per meal, with a couple of 15-20 g snacks tossed in. Of course, that is me. Not all diabetics can handle that many carbs, and some can handle more. We are all pretty individual in this respect. The only way to tell how many carbs *you* can tolerate is to test around meals until you get a good feel for how your body handles different carbs.
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