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Low cost exercise equipment

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Under the desk cycle. from one of the largest of US big consumer shopping stores.

I don't think we can mention names, or exact products. This one is less than thirty dollars. One of the models allows it to be on table for arm exercise as well.

I feel some folks here might benefit from some product like this, and it is almost affordable for some.
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foodahollic, you (and others) can mention brand names here.

There are some restrictions:
  • the product must be legal to use in your country and appropriate to managing diabetes in a legitimate way (I know that's vague but otherwise this post gets lots longer; suffice to say you can't promote, say, used plutonium capsules as a way to treat diabetes),
  • the reference cannot be for a product in which you participate financially (that is, a sale of the item being discussed does not benefit your financial condition directly), and
  • posters linking outside Diabetes Forum have to have made a certain number of contributing posts (you have, and then some).
So if this is a product you've had positive experience using that you think would benefit at least a number in our community, you can go ahead and mention it. 馃檪
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Some resistance bands can also be inexpensive and used to exercise more than one muscle group. I've seen tube shaped and flat strap bands and they can come in varying degrees of resistance (harder or easier to stretch). Here are a couple of sites showing exercises and videos from and
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link is correct.

I am looking at the lower cost ones.

I have no affliation with WalMart. I have not used this particular devices.

I forgot Thera Band or exercise Bands. The cycle thing is somewhat mindless. Bands require setting up, and counting. but Bands can be great for flexability, and strengthing. Also getting rid of some kinds of pains in joints, tendons.
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