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I understand, i 'm addicted to getting comfort from food even tho it's slowing been killing me. My aic 2 years ago was 13.9, now it's 7.9, still have a long way to go. If you can't stop overeating you might try overeaters anonymous.

It's taken me a long time to admit like someelse has already said that carbs are poison. If you continue to do something even if it's killing you that's called addiction. I know because im an alcoholic, been sober in AA over 23 years, and haven't smoked in 15 years. The only reason i quit either was because the people i loved said they were tired of watching me kill myself plus, with smoking i had a stroke in 1996 due to smoking 3 packs a day. Overeating when you know it'll hurt you is addiction. I had to utilize a 12 step program to quit drinking and i'm utilizing the 12 steps to help me with my diabetes. Guilt for being addicted to anything only keeps you in the cycle of addiction. Me getting mad at myself if i eat something i shouldn't serves no usefull purpose and has never stopped me from repeating a damaging behavior. I overeat sometimes or eat the wrong foods at times because i love the comfort food gives me more than i do living . Until i could find a good reason to give up killing myself with food i coudln't start to give up what kills me and until you find a good reason to quit killing yourself with food , you'll keep doing it over and over. Good luck. Mikey
Mikey, I found your post to be very heartwarming and understanding. I just had a plate of macaroni salad, so I know in a while my sugar will spike. I'll take my Novolog but I know that depending upon medication to do the trick is not wise. I was addicted to cigarettes BADLY and several months before my first stroke (I've had 2, recovered extremely well, thank God); I'd been up to smoking 3 packs a day also. The stroke made me quit and it's now been almost 8 years. As an aside, I don't know how anybody affords it these days! Here they are just over $7/pack.

I think it was courageous of you to stop drinking and I surely commend you for it, and also for being so honest about it here. I never had an alcohol problem but I don't judge - It's one of those "there but for the grace of God go I..." thingies.

Comfort food - that's my entire problem.

Congratulations again on your many years of sobriety! You have every reason to be proud of yourself.

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