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Hope this helps?

Hi guys.

I work for one of these companies and probably shouldn't be putting this out there, but I have family with the disease so I get it.

You're going to get different readings for A LOT of different reasons. And even if you take the tests 100 at a time on one meter, they'll all be a bit different.

1.) It's not a perfect science. At all. There is definitely a margin of error. It's usually a strip to strip thing because honestly, your strips do most of the work. And nothing is perfect.

2.) You're not using the same blood and your body is going to change. Even if it's the same hole in your finger, the blood you used in one strip is gone in to the strip. The next drop is different blood. And every spec has a different amount of glucose because your body is always changing the blood and there are a ton of processes happening in your blood stream at any given time. A bit of a variation is good, means you're alive.

that being said....

3.) Same basic technology, yes. But each company has a different variation of reactor enzyme in their strips. What that means: the way a test works is that the blood goes into the strip where it meets with a glucose specific enzyme. The reaction with the enzyme and a zap from the meter help to separate the glucose in your blood from everything else. Some enzymes are more specific than others and are able to separate the glucose in a different way. But no company uses the exact same type of enzyme.

So really you have to do what research you can on what's in the strip and go with what you know. You know your body, so you know what works for you. Sadly, it's not something that is exact yet.

This also doesn't mean that a high reading should be cause for you to ignore it and blame the product. You always want to double check just to be sure obviously.

I hope this makes a little more sense for you guys.
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