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Last night DH and I joined a group of friends for their quarterly wine tasting evening. I knew that the appetizers were going to be bread-heavy so I concocted this. It's super easy -

Grilled Scallops and Shrimp with Mango Chutney Cream (serves 6 to 8 for appetizers)

The Fish:
16 medium shelled & deveined shrimp
8 large scallops cut in half (or 16 small)
Garlic cloves to your taste
Sea salt
Vinaigrette dressing (home made or not)
Lemon juice

Toss the shrimp and scallops with a paste made with the garlic and sea salt, the vinaigrette, and a generous squeeze of lemon juice.

Grill (or sautee in olive oil) until done - probably not more than about 5 minutes. Chill until ready to serve.

The dipping sauce:
1/4 to 1/3 c heavy whipping cream
1 serrano pepper
1" slice of fresh ginger (or to taste)
Zest of one lime
2 T Silver Palate Mango Chutney (about 15 g carbs)

Whip the cream until stiff peaks form
Mince the pepper and ginger very fine
Fold the chutney, pepper, ginger and lime zest into the cream until completely blended.
Place in a small, beautiful serving bowl

Place the serving bowl in the center of a serving plate. Arrange the shrimp and scallops around the bowl, and use toothpicks as utensils.

Garnish for the fish:
Cilantro leaves
Mint leaves
1 scallion (white and about 2" of green part)

Finely chop these and sprinkle lightly over the shrimp and scallops just prior to serving.

Although the chutney includes 15 grams of carb, you'll only use a small amount of dip on each piece of fish; I estimated about 2 grams per nibble.

Serve this appetizer with a crisp Chenin Blanc, Cava, or Prosecco.

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