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WHat are the best test strips?
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The ones your insurance company will except and cost the least.
When I was diagnosed 2 1/2 weeks ago my Dr. gave me a One touch ultramini. The first set of test strips were $55 for 100.

I called my insurance co. to see what test strips were the cheapest under my policy. They said I could use Accu check and the test strips would be $25 for how ever many my Dr. prescribed for 30 days. I called Accu chek and was able to get a free meter from them.

With the free meter came a card from Accu chek that said with my insurance and their card my test strips cost would only be $15.

I got with my Dr. and told her I wanted to test more then 2 times a day and would like to test at least 6 times a day.

I am now getting 200 test strips a month for only $15.

So when you ask what test strips are the best, I say the ones that will cost you the least.
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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