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Marijuana is now legal in Canada

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It's been an interesting week on the Island since Marijuana was legalized in Canada on Wednesday.

All the Pot stores are being run by government and the lines have been long. Sales have also exceeded projections as many locations across the Canada ran out of stock after the first day.

Anyway - I hope more research gets done on the affects of marijuana on chronic conditions such as diabetes as very few studies have been conducted in the past for the simple reason that Big Pharma does not have a patent on the plant and that industry does most health studies. (or at least this is what I've been told)

Interesting times ahead - and so far the sky isn't falling LOL ....
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Now that it is legal, maybe there will be some funding for research coming from sources like Doritos and Lays - LOL
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It will be interesting to see if new strains will be developed for maximum medicinal benefits.
I just wanted to post a follow up on this topic.

My neighbors smoke marijuana in their back yard almost hourly.

Now, I am not a marijuana smoke nazi. I've never complained about the smell in my yard.

I support their right to smoke in their backyard. Clearly, they don't want the smell in their house.

But what about my house? I don't want their smell in my house, and isn't that my right?

I did some checking, if their smell makes it onto public property, there are city bylaws that can issue a fine.

However, those by laws dont protect my private property. How is that fair?

Additionally, I checked provincial laws that specifically state that all plants must be grown and harvested indoors( house or greenhouse) and they mention 'smell' as the reason......yet the smell of smoking is legal and not worse?

Sorry for venting. no pun intended.

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