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Marijuana is now legal in Canada

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It's been an interesting week on the Island since Marijuana was legalized in Canada on Wednesday.

All the Pot stores are being run by government and the lines have been long. Sales have also exceeded projections as many locations across the Canada ran out of stock after the first day.

Anyway - I hope more research gets done on the affects of marijuana on chronic conditions such as diabetes as very few studies have been conducted in the past for the simple reason that Big Pharma does not have a patent on the plant and that industry does most health studies. (or at least this is what I've been told)

Interesting times ahead - and so far the sky isn't falling LOL ....
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I think it's unfair that our laws don't protect your private property. In addition, neighbors should understand that not all people like to breathe marijuana smoke. I hope you've talked to them about it… Sometimes neighbors do not realize that they can cause inconvenience to other people by their actions, but there are also those who believe that they can do anything in their backyard. By the way, you can suggest that they use other products containing cannabis -- for example, sometimes I use weed gummies for relaxation, I found them on They can replace smoking and are not as harmful to health as daily smoking of marijuana. If your neighbors switch to weed gummies, both sides will benefit.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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