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Thank you! This helps very much.

One question though - what's the deal with starches? The ADA recommends that you have 6 - 11 servings per day (check Diabetes Food Pyramid - American Diabetes Association) yet I've been told by my Mother (who is also a type 2 diabetic) and a UK website that starches such as white bread, pasta, potatoes are a strict no no and should not be part of my diet.
Starches start turning to sugar in our bodies before we even swallow - our saliva begins the conversion while we're still chewing. So the thing your mother and others have discovered is that starch and other carbohydrates are better left alone because they hit our blood glucose pretty fast and hard. Makes it really difficult to manage our diabetes.

As for the food pyramid, it was built with the political purpose of shoring up the agricultural industry, not in the interest of citizens' good health. The ADA admits it is too lenient, but their political climate keeps them from promoting what actually works, which is fewer starches.
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