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While havng discussions with newly diagnosed, mid-rangers
and long-time Diabetics, I heard a boat load of reasons why
some wear medical ID jewelry and some do not. Anything
from too expensive, to causing skin irritation, to not wanting
other People to know that they have Diabetes, to the jewelry
is ugly, etc.

Along with the reasons, I also found that the vast majority
in the discussions do wear some type of medical ID jewelry
or tags, which is Good.

As most know, and for those who do not know here are the
American/Worldwide and Canadian/Worldwide Medic Alert sites.
These organizations keep a record of Members medical conditions/
treatments on their data base for easy access to Medical
Professionals who are in charge of the Members' emergency

Medical ID from MedicAlert - Medical Alert, Medical ID Bracelets, Necklaces, Emergency Response

MedicAlert? Canada: Medical information alert service linked to bracelets, watches and other jewelery

A few(okay, more than a few :D) other medical ID jewelry
companies(not Registered Medic Alert and I'm pretty sure
do not offer a Membership or hold Medical information
--check them out before/if you decide to order)for your

Medical ID Alert, Medical Bracelets, Necklaces, Charms, Custom Engraved Jewelry

Identify Yourself at American Medical ID - Medical ID Alert, Medical Bracelets and Necklaces

Lauren's Hope - Medical ID Bracelets, Medical ID Watches, Mothers Bracelets, and 14k Gold Bracelets

Welcome to Beading Hearts - Affordable medical ID bracelets for every occasion!

Medical ID Alert Beaded Jewelry Children's Medical ID Bracelet Medical Alert Necklace
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