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Medical Breakthrough..!! Doctor's New "Pasta" Diet Found to Reduce Weight..!!

My family Doctor put me on a "New Pasta Diet" guaranteed to reduce my weight, so I thought I'd tell y'all about it.

He's got me walking:

"Pasta" Pizza :pizza: Place
"Pasta" Ice Cream Parlor
"Pasta" Doughnut Shop
"Pasta" Charlie's Fried Chicken
"Pasta" etc., etc., etc.

Sure does take the fun out of eating foods at some of my former fast food places :Cry: .. but at least I get some exercise with all that "Pasta" walking. :wink: :biggrin1:

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Don't You See The Humor..?


With over 100 views of my "Pasta Diet" ;) , I can't believe you and I are the only ones with a sense of humor here.

Come on people.. lighten up. It was in response to "Richard157's" post of: "All Your Troubles Are Over".. and I thought that was funny.

As a comedian, I guess it's a good thing I've got a day job. On second thought.. I don't! Retirement does have some advantages.. I guess. :D

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