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Medtronic buys manufacturer of wearable insulin patches

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Local manufacturer Medtronic is augmenting its automatic insulin-delivery business by investing in EOFlow, a South-Korea-based manufacturer of insulin patches. The patches are approved for use in Europe, South Korea, Indonesia and the United Arab Emirates but not yet in the United States. No word on what the holdup is there.

link to article: "the EOFlow deal will complement Medtronic's current portfolio, including the MiniMed [insulin pump."]
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For those like me not having a subscription to the source of the link above, here is the link to the Medtronic press release.
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Oh, sorry. Didn't realize it was behind a paywall. Or even that you'd have to log in to see that one. 😳
Not sure if this contains anything more or less than the article, I did notice several other sources of this info were also requiring subscribing to read.
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