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I'd like to know if anyone else is aware of Milk Thistle being harmful to the kidney!

I recently had my labs, and they show my Creatinine levels had raised to 1.9, from it's 1.2 in August 2010. The other day my Internist took me off Metformin to see if that could be the cause (from acidosis lactosis). Following my appointment with my Internist, I also had an appointment with my Nephrologist. He was pleased with the decision to cease the Metformin, but he also wanted me to quit taking Milk Thistle.

I've read at on of literature on the herb, and many of them suggest that MT helps to promote the rebuilding of damaged kidney tissues, as well as being a positive supplement for those with kidney failure. I thought this was quite odd, but I've complied with reservations, and I thought I'd ask the forum if they have information about MT and kidney damage that I may not have come across!

Thanks for any assistance you can provide in shedding some light on this strange directive from my doctor!


Pastor Paul
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