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I'm interested in putting together a list of books, journals, articles, or websites that each of you has found especially helpful over the years, or just discovered recently. For new and existing members to regularly consult for ideas or help, stuff recommended straight from diabetics and their families to potential, new, and experienced diabetics and families.

I'd like to categorize them not only by topic but how you discovered them, whether it was literature recommended by medical at your diagnosis, stuff you found browsing idly, that a librarian found for you, friends recommended, etc. An important part of our relationship with books is not only what we get from them but how we acquire them, because previous opinions of a book can heavily influence how you receive its information.

If you could provide the title, author,

How you heard and found it
A small blurb about its contents and your experiences from it.

I recommend:

Diabetes for Canadians for Dummies - Alan Ruber & Jan Blumer, M.D.s

I believe the only differences in the Canadian from American versions are the discussions of health care implications and list of centres. The general info on diabetes is the same.

When I was first diagnosed and told my father he turned, pulled this book off the shelf, thrust it into my hands, and said "Read." And I'm glad it was my first ever. The Dummies series is known for explaining intricate concepts like body, medicine and diet plans in very simple detail without being patronizing.

By the time I saw my doctor two weeks later for my first real consultation I had devoured this book and he was surprised and pleased at my depth of knowledge. The information assimilates easily and in my opinion this should be the very first book every doctor should give newly diagnosed patients.

Whether you're newly diabetic or a relative, READ THIS BOOK.

Type 2 Diabetes Cookbook - American Medical Association, Jackie Mills, R.D.

Excellent resource for new T2s. Not just recipes but great intros to what T2 is, calorie and carb counting, divisions of nutrients, and snack ideas. Starters, soup, salads, entrées, sides, and desserts. Each recipe has a calorie count as well as breakdown of diabetic exchanges.

I'm a single student living alone with a terrible cooking record and I found most of these recipes very simple to make. You'll have to experiment with how each affects your glucose, but none of them should be exceptional spikers.

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I'd second the Dummies book... Dr Ian Blumer has a great "bed-side" manner for providing the facts while keeping things light. He has a web-site in a similar vein. I'll post a link once I learn more about forum policies :confused:

I recommend:

Good Calories, Bad Calories - Gary Taubes

As a multiple award-winning science-writer with a background in Physics and a penchant for outing bad science (a previous book was about cold-fusion) he not only opened my eyes to the relationship between refined carbohydrates, insulin and excess fat mass BUT also I realised just how poor much of the"expert" health and diet advice we are offered really is.

He reviews the past 200 years or so of diet, obesity, heart disease research and along the way debunks many myths and misconceptions about what is known and what is not, which has evidence to back it up and which is more like a religious belief system.

The book is about 600 pages long with the last 150 or so being all the notes and bibliography... references the extensive research discussed in the main body of the book. It can be a bit of a daunting book and I understand that he is currently working on an "lighter" version.


Here is a presentation given by Gray Taubes to Physicians at the Dartmouth-Hicthcock Medical Grand Rounds.
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