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I am new this forum. I am 32 years old. Its been 10 months, since I was diagnoised with Diabetes. I was under insulin shots for 3 months and came out of it by controlling it in oral medication, diet and exercise. So, for the last seven months its been under control with just metformin and actos. Only the last 3 weeks the readings are getting little higher (between 120 - 140).

But for the last 3 days I am having this sexual problems, Erectile dysfunction (couldnt sustain it). I have researched about it a lot, everybody says it can happen only if you have uncontrolled sugar levels and at much older age.

I am just 32 and sugarlevel is not that bad. Why do I have it?
I just got married a year ago (my first anniversary is in another 2 weeks).
Please advice. Any insight on this is highly appreciated.

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