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They have not developed a meter that is 100% accurate yet. As John mentioned, wash your hands to remove any residue on your fingers which may scatter the results and stay with the same brand machine that you have chosen. Having 2 or 3 of the same machine brand, makes testing more convenient and consistent.

Most meters offer the alternative site option. That would be on your arm, thigh, lower thumb, etc. Although these sites are less painful due to less nerve concentration, they are not always as accurate. Sugar levels change quickly after injected Insulin, exercise and food intake. This is evident in the fingertip tests. However, the blood moves slower in these alternative areas so the results are less accurate.

If your meter recommends cleaning and the Solution Test, then do read the instructions and comply. Make sure that you program in the code that is on the strip vial, into your meter so that they match.

You could take your meter to your Lab when you are having blood drawn at each visit. Test your blood just before they draw your blood. You can check when the results come in to see if your meter is testing in the same range as their tests are. Or you could compare test results with your meter and the meter at your Dr.'s office.

It is not a Good idea to buy strips from other sources than the meter company or your pharmacy. The meter companies may change something in the meter or strips without the other sources knowing about it. Humidity/temperature can also affect strips.
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