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I was dx'd as T2 in early July this year. I quit all the junk food, and instantly went as low carb as I could stand, and ratcheted up the exercise that I was already doing. Since my A1c was "only" 6.9, I figured I could get it under control with diet and exercise.

I started with several meters that were free, but my insurance only pays for the One Touch strips, so I used up the ones that came with the meters, and watched my numbers go down, slightly, as time went by.

My first test with the One Touch was also the last one with my Bayer meter. I tested with the same drops of blood, and One Touch was about ten less than the Bayer.

Oh well, I realize there are all kinds of accuracy and repeatability issues.

I have since seen the numbers come down in the morning, to be high 70's, low 80's for the most part, which I attribute to diet and exercise.

A few days ago, I open my second prescription box of strips, and the fasting numbers went even lower (I set the code, and did the control testing successfully)

Now I am seeing low 70's, and yesterday, a 69. Today was 68.

I ate one of my "standard" dinners which I have previously tested several times, and it normally bumps me up about 40 points, and after two hours, I am back under 100. Tonight, I tested at 68 mid-day, ate that meal, and 90 minutes later, I was 86.

How many of you have faith that the readings you get on your meter are close to the truth? More importantly, do you notice any big differences when you get a new set of strips, like I seem to have done? I don't believe for a minute I could be 68, eat what is about 45 carbs, and be 86 an hour and a half later.

I have an A1c test in a few weeks, but don't think it will help much to verify my readings against theirs, if things are gonna change every time I open a new box of strips.

I expect to use the meter to show me tendencies, not accuracy, but 68, 69, and 70 are really low for me, and have me wondering what to do, since I am locked into this meter for insurance purposes, with no spare cash to buy strips for another meter. I was not on the list of those who got "bailed out" by the government, so I am hurting in the wallet :)

Worse, when I see those low numbers, I start worrying that things are going bad, and I am going to be whatever that term is that is opposite of hypoglycemic, and have some kind of onset of ugly symptoms while out and about.... This disease is a real SOB <g>

Just asking for other's experiences with such issues.


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