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Metformin and Alcohol

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Just started Metformin (550 mg, once a day) and it has brought my fasting glucose from 13 (36) down to about 7 (140) in one day. Just noticed on the meds bottle not to take alcohol with this medication. I've read elsewhere than 1 or two drinks is okay. Does anyone here drink while taking Metformin? Any side effects?
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I'd love to know the same thing. My husband and I are going out of town for a weekend in about ten days, and I was hoping to be able to have a couple of drinks while we're gone. However, I'm nervous about it now that I know I am a diabetic and on metformin as well. Can someone please tell us if an occasional drink or two is safe on metformin?
I am not able to answer that one, I do not drink alcoholic beverages. I know some people who take insulin have very low blood sugar a while after drinkig alcohol. I never liked the taste or odor of alcohol and I would not have started drinking even if I was not diabetic. Many diabetics do drink, I know that for a fact. You have to know how it will affect you and be careful when on a trip. Experimenting at home before you travel might enable you to know what to expect. Good luck!

try one drink with food. Watch for scores to drop though.

Metformin is causing the liver to prevent the conversion of fat tissues into glucose.
During low blood sugar level, the beta cells of the pancreas secreting the glucagon hormone. This hormone operates in the liver, causing it to convert glycogen into glucose thus raising the glucose level in the blood. Thus, the leaver prevent many of the hypoglycemia. Alcohol inhibit this liver functionality.

I have read it can cause that acidosis thing where basically your blood gets acidic which can kill you.

that being said, most people I know on met do drink time to time.

I have had a couple drinks before on met. I don't take my met that day. have no idea if that matters.

alchohol really lowers my BS all by itself.

but really, I am not comfortable drinking while taking met. and the drug does say not to do it.
i had 2 glass of red wine the other day with my wife on our 13th wedding anniversary amd i felt fine after i never checked my bg level but i rarely drink so i dont think having a drink or two will kill you just be careful. and yes have a drink at home first and check your bg levels.
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