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Ok so I went about 3 /12 weeks with no Metformin but my numbers didn't quite get to where I wanted them, so I decided to add one pill a day and see the results.

The last 4 days I've been at 113, 113, 100, 117 (fasting), so on the whole my body seems to react better with some Metformin. I've noticed just taking one pill a day has not upset my stomach or caused me any diarrhea so that's a good thing too.

It appears my desire to not use any medicine at all isn't quit working out for me. And even though I've lost 15lbs so far, I'm still sitting @ 310 so that probably doesn't help matters much. Which makes me wonder if just losing weight can help your numbers if you're eating low carb?

Doc said to lose 100lbs and then "we'll talk" - easier said than done but I'm trying to give it shot. :)
Every pound helps! I am really hoping that you are able to lose the weight! Good luck!
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