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I am perfectly capable at this stage of keeping my BG under control with diet alone, in fact, Met doesn't seem to improve my numbers at all but I agreed with my doc that it is still better for me to take Met. I've been lucky so far with the side effects so I know that makes it easier for me.
Taking Met allows you to keep your BG in line without making your pancreas work too hard. IF you are insulin resistant, your pancreas ends up making more insulin than you need - taking MET helps you use the insulin more effectively so you don't have to make as much. I've researched this online and there is a credible study that proves that using MET early - even if it seems you don't need it - helps keep your pancreas functioning longer and the MET is effective longer.
I originally thought less drugs was a good goal, but I'm convinced that some of us need MET to make our body work more efficiently.
I also urge everyone to always talk to the doc before making changes. At least listen to their reasoning - you can always decide to go against their advice but more info from them might help you make the decision that is right for you.
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