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metformin in undiagnosed D/ obesity?

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For 2.5 yrs I have been recommending that my husband request metformin from our internist. Well, he finally did, yesterday!

He has a strong fmaily history of diabetes, he is obese, but the only time he has measured high (other than a home meter) was an A1c of around 7 when he had a massive infection. The doc seemed puzzled about why he has even been checking his blood sugar (it wasn't ME, he has been testing for about 7 years, sporadically, and in fact that is how we confirmed I was diabetic!).

Anyhow, on the theory that hyperinsulinemia is driving his weight gain, I have pushed giving met a try, and he is starting it tonight.

He eats low carb in front of me, but has always been prone to carb bingeing, and I suspect has "cheated" behind my back a fair amount, most likely in those same binges. Per his meter his carb tolerance is much higher than mine, so he sees nothing (immediately) wrong with eating them -- basically he thinks he can get away with them.

He's 5'7" and 260 lb! And has OSA and has effectively used a CPAP for 15 years or more.

So ... we will see if met helps him. He got the regular, not the XR formula.

Does anyone here know of non (ie, not-yet) diabetics, using metformin successfully for weight loss or control?
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Strawberry, spealing as OP, this post IMHO is absolutely relevant to this thread!

I had a starch addiction, and toward the end I also craved sugar like mad!

I am not sure if it was the metformin, the low-carbing, or the sheer terror that decreased my, ummmm interest in carbs, or was it all 3?

Jeanne, what helped you?
Thanks for that reminder, ColaJim -- my husband eats meat but not really that much other SF. I need to get him on coconut oil supplementation! He has reflux and is reluctant to try it, despite the improvement in his reflux when I first started low carbing!
So he started trying 500 mg, at bedtime. And whaddya think? He is running HIGH during the day -- not super high, but 110s, which for him is unheard-of. He's not hungry, though!
Well he has taken the met since Friday night so ... 5 days. Some GI symptoms, but he says he is enjoying the reduced appetite so much, he will put up with it! In fact yesterday he took 2 x 500 ...

I am amazed ... I hope it's not just a fad or placebo effect that will wear off. Seems like it is awfully early times for it to be so effective.
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You and me both. I know he cannot lose weight on willpower alone. But he is also not willing to do any surgery for it. It took me almost 3 yrs to talk him into it, though!

I pointed out today ... he would not want me raising these kids alone -- I'd SPOIL them! I think that was reinforcing ... :rolleyes:
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Well now ... we know why his BG was high -- A1c (BEFORE metformin) was 6.4. :mad::mad::mad:
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