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Welcome to you, Mattinglydr . . . unfortunately there are many new patients who report gastric disturbances with metformin. I did too, but for only a few days at the beginning. Since then it has worked well for me - curbing my appetite and regulating my BG. I take 500mg x3 per day. Are you taking regular metformin or the extended release version? Sometimes the XR version causes fewer side effects. The other thing that sometimes helps is taking it with food. It often takes several days or even weeks for metformin to reach maximum blood levels, so give it some time to build up.

My experience has been that carbs make me drowsy, not my metformin. Now that I'm eating fewer carbs, I don't fall asleep every time I sit down somewhere (and believe me - I did exactly that before I was diagnosed).

I thank you for joining us and I hope you'll settle in here to get better acquainted. I've learned so much on the board that I would prob'ly never have gotten from my medical team. There is a wealth of knowledge and experience here that is priceless. So hurry back! :D

take care,

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