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so about 8 weeks ago i was diagnosed as T2. i have been working hard at keeping my BG down through diet, exercise, and 1000mg of metformine 2xday. i have rarely ever got any of my numbers below 100. i think i have 2 numbers in the 90's and one number in the 70's right after exercise. my FBG's have been 115-125. and most of my pre and post meal numbers during the day have been around 105-125 depending on the amount of carbs in my meals.

this week it seems like my body is changing. my FBG's are still in the 115-125 range, but my pre/post meals are 117-135. I have not changed my diet and i am eating the same meals that i was eating during the last 6 week or so. i have continued to exercise 3-4 days a week. so i am puzzled why my numbers are inching up. i am also concerned that i cant seem to get into the 90's except by accident.

i am eating under 60 carbs a day normally closer to around 40.

so i am wondering. can the metformine not be doing its job anymore? or did i just not have enough insulin in the first place?

thanks for your help
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