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Metronic Mini Med Connect

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Has anyone used one of these devices to transmit to a smart phone. . I just need to know if this transmitter is going to really help us. Has anyone had experience with one. Is an Iphone Gs 32 gig. the appropriate phone to buy.
Belinda/Lindy For Ronnie
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Just thought I'd post a follow-up. We do benefit from the Minimed Connect. With Ronnie's inability to sense hypos most of the time, It is really nice in public places to be able to watch how his BG is changing over time. In a 2 hour meeting or on a long drive or at night. It is great to watch his trends. His BG-is so un predictable.
I do have to say that after 4 months the divice just quit working. The warranty is 6 months. I called at 1AM and the help line people walked me through several steps trying to get it going and then said to call a certain # in the morning to get a replacement. They sent the replacement the next day. I think it quit working because I would plug it to charge and place it as near to Ronnie at night as I could with the limited length of the charging cord. We would nto unplug it from the electric outlet until the morning just like I do with my Cell phone. I suspect that that it should be unplugged as soon as it tis charged. 1-2 hours.
Another issue with it is that it can't transmit to more than 1 smart phone at a at a time. It does have a link where someone can see how you are trending by going to the Carelink online and pull up what his pump is transmitting to the it.
All in all it is a good device for someone who needs to be monitored by a caregiver.
PS: Alas my joy of finding a helpful device is short lived. When I run out of the CGM sensors we have now, I will have to begin to buy them out of pocket. They are quiet expensive even though Medtronic is going to give us a 45% cut for paying out of pocket. But that is another thread.
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