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Michael Moore's Sicko

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Michael Moore's released his newest movie on june 29th called Sicko. Here's the official trailer:

In addition to the movie Michael Moore calls upon people to post youtube movies of problems they faced in relation to the US Healtcare system:

Manny Hernandez a webmaster and diabetes patient responded as follows:

So what do you think of the movie and the issues confronted in the movie? Do you have similar experiences?
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Admittedly, I have only seen parts of Moore's movie, Sicko.
I think he is amusing although his movies are not totally
truthful since he leaves important parts out of the equation.

I think his idea of people putting their stories about their
healthcare experiences on Youtube is a terrific idea.

I think it is horrid how people with diseases are treated by
the health insurance companies. What the H*ll are they
there for if not to help people with health coverage??
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