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Medtronic 770G pump using Carelink Mini Mobile APP to connect to I-Phone.

If you have lost connection from your pump to the I-Phone then first open your settings, select BT and delete the pump. Then select the Medtronics MiniMed APP holding down until you see remove the APP and select it to proceed, followed by a popup window “Remove “MiniMed” Mobile” where you now confirm that you want to delete the APP.

Next, download CareLink Mini Mobile APP from the APP store and reinstall on the I-Phone.

Next, on the 770G pump press the center silver button , then press key to unlock shown in gold color, press down arrow to the options menu and press silver button, next press down arrow until Utility is displayed and press the silver button, press down arrow until Device Options displays and press the silver button, use the silver button to select manage devices then select the I-Phone and delete it.

Note: when installing the APP you are given the option of selecting either the 770g or 780g.

After installing the APP on the I-phone, then under settings à BT verify that Other Devices spinning circle is searching for the pump.

On the I-Phone, open the MiniMed Mobile APP and select your phone, the pump should display your phones ID, number, click on the pump to verify before the 2 devices will both show spinning arrow while the BT connection is reset. Looking at the devices the BT connections always seems to be valid, but unable to communicate.

I have tried many times using different BT fixes without success to reinitiate the connection from the pump to the phone and this is the only way that works for me! This is a pain in the butt and further I cannot isolate the root cause of the blue tooth disconnection.

I have written this down because at my age 76 it is difficult to remember all the steps and sequence necessary while being frustrated with this reoccurring problem, then I have printed it for a quick reference.

Hope this information will help to make your life a little less frustrating!
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