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Minimed and United Healthcare

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My perception is that Minimed is actively trying to block existing and new entrants into the pump market since they are first to market with the 670G and are building sole source contracts.

1. United Healthcare has a sole source contract with Minimed
2. Tandem's new Summer 2019 pump release will exceed the capability of the 670G leveraging both basil and bolus automated features. Minimed will not have this combination of features until 2020 at the earliest
3. Tandem pumps are easier to update than Minimed, with a modern software/hardware architectural design
4. Tandem's integration of Dexcom's sensor appears to be a superior product
5. Minimed is actively pushing their 670G through group "information sessions" that are just sales meetings to lock folks into their pump before Tandem's new release

My pump warranty expires in February 2019. With Minimed's ever decreasing level of customer support and predatory business practices, I am not sure it is in my best interest to go with another Minimed product after 28 years using their machines. I want a dynamic market of innovation and the Minimed gorilla appears to be stifling other manufactures.

The issue I have is the United Healthcare sole source contract. Has anyone else found a way around the contract?
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