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Hi missionary6797, welcome to the forum. Maybe someone using a CGM, hopefully a Freestyle, will jump in and offer some tips and advice on sensor placement. Nothing beats personal experience. Unfortunately, I don't have it, but I know a couple of members who do with the Libre.

Feel free to share as much info as you feel comfortable sharing about yourself and your diabetes. What type. 1 or 2, how long ago were you diagnosed, how's it gone so far, what you do to control your blood sugar - diet meds, exercise. Don't be afraid to ask questions, the only bad ones are those not asked.
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Hi, Tamara, I'll also say hello and welcome.

I don't wear a Libre either, but a quick Web search showed that people who've had soreness often have placed the sensor in a part of the arm that is mostly muscle. Since this is your first placement, it's possible there's a better place for it on your arm. I'd give it another day or two and if it still hurts, I'd check in with your medical team and see what they can advise.

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Question I would consider. Is it red or is the area swollen, or warm near the sensor. I am thinking of possible infection.
I also had some placements where, now, I suspect I had the muscle slightly twisted. After that the sensor would slide around, I think anyway. Although that part of the arm often has some fat on it. Why older women often talk about having wings.

Keep in mind that with any sensor which seems defective, you can call Abbot, talk to their reps, and they will replace the sensor for free.

Which in fact is the best course of action in your case right now. The Representatives are friendly, have good phrase to pose questions and answers. Likely a conversation with them will allow you to learn more about using their device, and that is why Abbott Spends money on those phone guys.
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