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1) My Mother is a type 1 diabetic patient.

2) Doctor has asked her to go for her dialysis treatment(for her kidneys) but for some unstated reasons, she forbids to take it...
3) some details of her medications....
Na-132 mmol/l
K- 5.4 mmol/l
serum uric acid- 8.5mg/dl
Free Thyroxine- 1.3 ng/dl
Free Tri iodo Thyronine -1.8 pg/ml
4) Injections:
Human Actrapid (before breakfast, lunch & dinner)
Human Insulatard(bed time)
WEPOX 4000 (haemoglobin injections given twice a week)

keeping these details in mind, can anyone guide me on the diet plans for my Mother...
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