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Thank U respected Richard157 for your information & tips on my Mother's Health.....
carrying that forward i would like to add the following....

1) My Mother is a type 1 diabetic patient(Sorry SIR, i mentioned it as TYPE 2 in my previous post).
2) Doctor has asked her to go for her dialysis treatment but for some unstated reasons, she forbids to take it...
3) some details of her medications....
Na-132 mmol/l
K- 5.4 mmol/l
serum uric acid- 8.5mg/dl
Free Thyroxine- 1.3 ng/dl
Free Tri iodo Thyronine -1.8 pg/ml
4) Injections:
Human Actrapid (before breakfast, lunch & dinner)
Human Insulatard(bed time)
WEPOX 4000 (haemoglobin injections given twice a week)
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