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I've done a lot of research concerning cholesterol. There
are so many contradictions(disadvantage of the www)that
it makes my head spin.

I don't get bent outta shape with most problems and cholesterol
certainly isn't going to do it. So I'll have to stick with what I've
done through most of the years: eat small(or moderate) portions
of a variety of foods, like we are supposed to....and point out some
that are supposed to up the Good and down the Bad.

Oat meal(not instant), oat bran, kidney beans, brussel sprouts,
apples, pears, psyllium, barley, prunes(don't know about you, dried
fruit real raises my sugars. I need extra meds. for it), walnuts, almonds(handful), flax seed(or oil), canola oil, soy bean oil, fish(bake or grill),
Trim excess fat from meat, remove skin from chicken. Those are the
ones I'm used to, there's more.

I have had at least 3 cups of tea almost every day(good for the lipids)
since I was a teen-ager and usually cod liver oil(Omega 3)capsules daily.

Exercise is important also to help put the cholesterol numbers in better
order...a brisk walk, aerobics. I do the walk but prefer dancing and other exercise.

Medications for cholesterol is advised if the diet/exercise doesn't put the
HDL up and bring the LDL down.


HDL(Good Cho.)--2.24mmol/L(good is >1.30mmol/L). I'm reading
these from my test results which is not specific to Diabetics.
LDL(Bad Cho.)--2.2mmol/L(good is <2.5mmol/ GP says 2.0
is what a Diabetic's shouuld be. :eek:
Trigs--0.50mmol/L(good is <2.30mmol/L

So my Endo says because my HDL is so high that will protect my heart
and I don't need any drugs for it. My GP says since my LDL was not 2.0
that I should be on the drug plus since I've had Diabetes for so long.
I'll let them fight amongst themselves.

Wow, writing this out was Good for me, you should try it. ;) I've just
decided not to get the prescription filled. If my numbers go in the bad direction, then I'd get the script filled. This feels like a blog.
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