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This is more of a recipe idea than a recipe, but wish I had thought of it before!

I made a quickie soup of onion, celery, carrots (celery is not Indian, no authenticity here, call it British-style and it IS, LOL), garlic, 1 TBS of Madras Curry (HOT), other spices to correct to taste ... a can of tomatoes, a can of coconut cream. Simmer, and puree, reheat with water to desired thickness, correct seasoning (lime juice, salt, pepper, etc).

My son and I LOVED this. Use veg of your choice, cautious with the onion and garlic and remember puree-ing probably mean faster digestion and steeper spike.

BTW I am a tomato-fest since I bought a case of the Muir Glen canned tomatoes -- in BPA-free cans! Keep in mind, I can correct with insulin so not sure how I would go without it.
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