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my 1st day with diamicron

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my doctor change metformin 500 twice daily to diamicron mr 30 once daily. i went to him suffering from weight loss ,he told my this is becuase my blood sugar is not well controlled.this is looks strange for last Ha1c since 1 week was 6.1 and PP in the lab was 125.
i liked metformin it was safe and there is no reisk of hypoglycemia. today my 1st day with diamicron mr 30 mg i read a lot about it and it looks have many advantages. anyway my 1 hr PP reading was 205!!!,3hr 166 ,7 hr after the last meal 160. this is looks not good for me,anyway this is the 1st day i will judge the efficacy of this drugs for about 1 week and i will do fasting and PP as the doctor told me and called him.i have a diabetes since 6 years my weight was 107 KG and length 170. now my weight 75 kg!!!.anybody have experience with diamicron Mr 30?
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My only experience is with metformin, but I agree in that I'd rather not be prodding my pancreas to produce ever more insulin; I'd rather coax my body to use what's available, which is, of course, what metformin does.

It seems to me that you A1c is a pretty good number. The weight loss surely needs to be addressed, but apart from metformin helping my weight loss by curbing my appetite, I don't know that it has any other weight loss properties.

Keep us posted . . . unless you're dropping into 30s or 40s range, I think going low shouldn't be a problem.
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