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My 2 hour reading is higher than one hour --Normal

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Hi. I am new here. I am testing my levels at the suggestion of my Dr. My fasting is 95. 1 hour post breakfast it is 135-160. At 2 hours it is 95-103. Tonight after dinner it was 115 at 1 hour but 155 (i tested 3x) at 2 hours. This worries me. All the other reading for the past 6 days have been lower at 2 hours vs 1 hr. Thoughts?
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this sometimes happens to me if I eat tooo much fat. now, my beleif is that fat is good. its true for the most part. carbs are not so good. true for sure.

if I eat something with say 20 carbs and just loaded with fat I tend to get this delayed reaction thing going on. that more carbs then i generally eat at one meal.

I am not sure why this happens with me or if it happens in general.

low carb and moderate fat/protein is where I get my best result.
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