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it's usually only for their Tuesday 99¢ sale that we ever go!
You're thinking like me again. (this time it's about cheap :) ) I'm up in Canada and KFC here has 'tooney Tuesdays.'

In case that doesn't make a lot of sense, here is the background story. Canada brought out a $1 coin with a loon on it. It promptly was called the loonie. Then when the $2 coin came out, it took about a millisecond before it was called the toonie.

KFC came out with their toonie Tue special and it was the only time I ever went there. 'It's my big day out on the town' I'd explain once in awhile.

I haven't had one for a long time now. They gradually put the price up a few cents at a time and I was swinging over to being a vegetarian at the same time, so they kinda lost me.
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