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My Book Is Being Sold NOW!!

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The link below can be used to order my book. Follow the instructions to open a createspace account after you have used the password and entered the site below. A lady named Jan, on another site, was the first to buy the book. She says the total expense, including shipping, was less than $20. Look beneath the picture on the left of the site page to buy the book.

The password for entering the site is: DD157

My ISBN number is: 1450515967. It may not be activated yet. You can use this number to order the book from bookstores.

Let me know if there are any problems.


Note: I have been given permission to give this information.
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Thanks loads for providing the password, Richard! That had me stumped last night! :D :D :D
Sorry Shanny, amazon's instructions were not at all clear. It was all trial and error until we figured it out.
Richard: Are you allowed to give the name of your book? Is it being sold on Amazon? The link you provided will not allow me to enter the site.
The book Title appears when you use the given password and enter the site. From there you follow the directions to get a createspace account. Then it is simple to follow through with ordering the book. It was working that way this morning. I hope it has not stopped working now. I can get in easily because I am the author. There are those steps for other people.

The book will not be sold on for approximately two weeks. They gave me that information yesterday. I don't know why it takes so long. They must have a lot of new books to deal with. When it does come up on then you can type in my name (Richard Vaughn) to get my page to come up.
Thanks for the info Mr. Vaughn! I will be buying your book.
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