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24 12 ounce cans of anything is 288 ounces. To put it another way it's the same as 9 32 ounce drinks. Unless someone were a roofer in summer or similar extreme I'd expect someone drinking that much water to be a diabetic as excessive thirst and urination is a symptom. I used to do summer fieldwork in the Arizona desert and drank about that much a day but I subsequently turned out to be T2. FYI many patients and professionals believe prediabetes and diabetes are the same thing at different stages of progression. I'm glad his doctor is taking it seriously. Many doctors have an attitude with pre-d numbers of 'go home and come back when you need insulin, until then it's not bad'. Your brother got one of the good ones.

Hey everyone, my brother, who is 42 went to a new GP today. He has not been to a doctor in at least 10 years. As long as I can remember he has put away a min of a gallon of sweet tea and as much as a 24 pack of non diet cola in a single day. So anyway, the doc checks his sugar at the office, on just a standard meter and it was 124. The doc immediately pronounces him a diabetic, gives him a meter and starts him on 1000 mg of glucophage a day. The 124 was fasting. Doesn't this seem a little drastic before he even gets back his blood work? I was just wondering what everyone else thought. Diabetes does run in our family on both sides, so we knew it was likely.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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