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my dad-fingers peeling, blistered, and losing fingernails

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my dad has had diabetes for a litle over 10 years now and he seems to get worse. at first he was just on the pills but 5 years ago his doctor told him if he could eat right then he wouldn't need them. i was unaware of this. he is now required to take the shots since he was rushed to the hospital months ago with ketoacidosis. there have been more complications than ever in the recent year. he was admitted to the hospital earlier this year with diabetic ketoacidosis, 2 months ago he was driving and became confused and didn't know where he was. his car was in an accident with a pole and he didn't even remember it. he ended up in a neighborhood in another city. we had to call 911 to have them find him from his cell phone. recently i noticed that his finger looks like they are blistered. he says he burned himself while cooking but i know that's not true. he wouldn't burn all of his fingers and the entire finger. they are peeling and are really red. the other day i noticed that he is losing his fingernails. i have tried to research this and can't find anything. can you please help?? thank you
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Yes, the antibacterial qualities of honey bear further exploration for certain -- there are even some pubmed articles on it!

I would also suggest this might be a fungal infectio nform high blood sugar. I have had fungal crud on fingers and toes -- and they seem to be DIFFERENT infections -- for a long time. Definitely needs to see and Endo.
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