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Hello Lalee . . . and welcome. You really do have your hands full, and I hope we can provide some relief for you, if only by being available for you letting off steam!

The responsibility is great, I know, and it's important that the things she CAN do for herself be shifted to her, not only to lighten your own burden, but to develop her awareness of the personal responsibility - that this is not going to go away, and she needs to own it.

I have a niece who was diagnosed at age 9 months, and I'm trying to remember when she started doing her own testing - under supervision, of course. I'm pretty sure she was fairly proficient with her lancet & meter by age five, but don't quote me on that. She has been on a pump for several years (she's now 10 years old), and she manages the pump herself too - again, with adult supervision (not so much to assure that she does it correctly, because she IS computer savvy, but to assure that she simply DOES it, and doesn't forget.)

Am sending love & prayers for you and your whole family . . . you can do this and I have confidence that you will do it. Kudos to you already for being vigiliant and catching it so EARLY!

take care,

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