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Epilepsy and Diabetes are both in my brain
They are like a fast moving train
They are like a blizzard in Maine
In my mind, they form a two way lane

Epilepsy and Diabetes do not get along
Together, they do not sing a song
Like a car crash, they form a wrong

A multitude of problems they cause
They do not stop and pause
They do not care how my brain they arouse

A symphony of songs, that are in harmony
They are not in harmony

By Ruth
March 25

that's a good poem Ruth. :)
a friend of mine contacted me last night and she has epilepsy and both her parents have diabetes. She was telling me she had a scare recently as thought she may also have diabetes. Her HbA1c came back to say she's normal level... she also had the GTT and came out Ok.... so she's quite relieved. She was told to concentrate on her diet though which is always good advice.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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