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Went to the Dr.'s on Monday for my first 3 month A1c check. Originally (3 months ago), when I found out I had Type-2 diabetes (for the first time), my A1c was 10.6 and running at over 300+ mg/dl. :eek: My test results came back at 6.0 (134mg/dl) A1c. :happy:

I took my Breeze2 Meter in with me.. and after having them draw blood for the A1c check, we used what was left in the needle and tube. My meter test showed me at 114 mg/dl. :smile:

Recently I've been testing out between the hundred teens and thirties. Once in a while I'll spike upwards to the sixties :mad: .. but most of the time I'm within what I would consider my "normal" range. :happy:

Well that's it from this side of the computer.

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Good for you! You made really good progress! Tell us what worked best for you?
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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