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My lifelong fear has came true

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Early this month, after a 10 hour fast, my blood sugar was 101. I realized that I am pre-diabetic. I used to test my levels every week and it was always in the low mid 80s.

On 9/1 it was a dreaded 101. I panicked at the sight and feel that now life is over. The thing I have been afraid of has happened, despite my efforts to deter it, I got it..I have been dieting over a year or so and one day I was stupid and ate 3 cup cakes and a brownie all in one day. The next morning it was 101. After that everyday I have been checking it in the morning. One day it 99, then 98, then 97, then 96, then 95 etc. and today it was 91.

Is it too late for me? I have been getting tingling in my hands and feet and it itches and stings randomly a lot throughout the day. I am eating barely anything now because it sounds like everything I have been eating was bad...white bread..chips..etc. I don't know what to do. Even when I barely eat I can goto sleep with a BG level of 84 and when I wake up it jumps to 93. My levels have consistently been in the low 90s for a while now. Do I still have a chance to reverse the pre-diabetes? I am walking 30 mins a day now and my body aches all over but I am determined to find some hope..

Any feedback would be appreciated..I am scared to hear the bad news..and I hear stress causes levels to rise and I have to be scared of even being scared! This is such a nightmare..that will never end...until I die :(
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How do you edit a post here? I can't see an edit button anywhere. I forgot to say my blood sugar was 106 after the 10 hour fast not 101. It was 101 the following day, after fasting.
Hi! DigitalV,
I want to ask you certain do you check your bg??through glucometer???
How much delay is there between waking up and you checking your bg??
And why did you started diet?? I want to know what happens if you eat normally for a week and then what is your bg ??? After having normal diet and still you can get mid 90's or so then i would say you are just scaring yourself to the extent where your stress will raise your bg.Please try to be rational.. eating less would also tell your liver to introduce glucose if you are going low at midnight..
take care
and be relaxed..
I think you are doing just fine. You should get your bg test done from a lab,as machine can elevate results a bit.
I have feeling that as of now you are doing good and can eat what you want.Also you should get ogtt done,results would make the picture clear and it will be easy for you also as you would know the exact situation rather than only guessing.
Take care
I used the One Touch Ultra 2. I haven't eaten the way I "normally" did before since 8/31. I was usually around the low mid 80s all the time and the one day I ate lots of sugary foods and it was 106 the next morning. Since then I don't eat that much. Is 100% whole wheat bread good? It was from Nature's Pride brand. I am not sure if I can have 2 slices now, I don't know what to eat anymore.

I am afraid to eat a lot and I barely have 100 carbs a day but my BG is still in the 90s after a fast. I check my sugar levels everytime I wake up immediately after getting out of bed before I brush my teeth or anything..
Dear Digital,
The help Richard has provided you is the most accurate you would get in this world.The link you have pasted here is one of the most wierd theory by anyone on this world.That is a pure gimmick to induce fear in normal and diabetic and mint money.Beware of those kinda things.
Most likely i think that you are a normal non diabetic fearful of getting diabetic because you see diabetic around you. By living in stress you won;t help yourself.
I am sure if yougo through ogtt you would come out of this sure you are not diabetic at this stage and nobody can predict if you will get in furture or not..
relax and live a easy life.
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