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My name is Melody, I'm type 2

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Hi All:

I am so glad to have joined this forum. I am 62 years young (and I say this with all sincerity, because I DON'T believe in getting old). I think we get older, and better.

I was diagnosed 22 years ago. Didn't know I was diabetic. I was hospitalized with pneumonia and they did a blood test. HELLO!! sugar was 350. Had NO clue. I also weighed quite a bit more than I do now.

I was on all the oral meds. Didn't do a thing because I never changed my lifestyle.

5 years ago I joined the ACCORD program at Cornell Medical Center in NYC. Changed my life. I went to a nutritionist. I learned about food.

I LEARNED ABOUT MY BODY. I went off of the oral meds and went on Lantus. I also started walking. But I didn't lose that much weight until 2 years ago. I took it seriously then.

I began a hobby that has saved my life, and has fed my husband and myself.

I learned how to SPROUT!!! There are no down side to sprouting. If you love salads, lettuce, etc. YOU WILL ADORE SPROUTING.

You know what you are eating because YOU GROW IT YOURSELF. I have two bookshelves in my kitchen that I use for sprouting. I get my seeds (organic), online, and for 2 years, I have been sprouting clover, radish, broccoli (excellent source of anti-oxidants), mung beans, lentils, you name it , I have sprouted it.

That's when I began to lose weight. I also do not eat any red meat. Haven't done that for Years. I try and walk as much as I can. I purchased a balance board for $12 and I stand on it every day and I balance myself.

I have been reading these forums about Lantus and I had all kinds of questions about why my sugar readings would go DOWN after I ate lunch and dinner. I could never understand it.

I am not taking any other diabetes meds. Just the 18 units of Lantus once a day. The doctors at Cornell told me "Melody, it's like taking nothing".

So I've been on 18 units for almost 2 years now. Some mornings are high and that's when I learned about Dawn Phenomenon. Never knew this.

But the thing that got me confused is the fact that when I forget to eat, my sugar goes UP, and when I eat it's goes to 90.

This has been happening lately. I always have a sprout salad with some tuna or grilled chicken for lunch. Two hours later my sugar goes down.

Maybe my pancreas is healing itself and producing insulin after a meal? I really don't know.

My a1c was 9.5 when I entered the ACCORD protocol and when I left it was 6.5. That was last year. Since my numbers are much better than even last year, my a1c should be about the same or lower.

I'm due for a blood test soon, but I take REALLY GOOD CARE OF MYSELF, so I'm not worried.

Oh, one more thing. Four years ago I was diagnosed with the beginnings of neuropathy in my toes. They tested me and there was a bit of numbness. I dropped a water bottle on my foot and the pain was horrible. All the stings and zips of neuropathy. I immediately began taking Methyl B-12, sublingually every morning. I take 5000

I have NO SYMPTOMS OF NEUROPATHY since I've been on the Methyl B-12. I have all feeling, and no zips or zaps.

Thank goodness for that.

Anyway, I just wanted to stop by, say Hi, share my love of sprouting, and I really do think that the fact that I am 100 lbs lighter because of what I eat, well, THIS SAVED MY LIFE.


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Melody - I'm so glad you joined us! I used to sprout too, and had forgotten all about it! Thank you thank you thank you for reminding me! One of my favorite ones to sprout was alfalfa . . . I'm going to get this going again just as soon as I get the seeds! I LOVE sprouts!

Welcome aboard and do hurry back!
Welcome Melody! Sprouting sounds very interesting. I am glad that you found our forum. There are so many friendly people on here. Visit often!
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