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Hi! My name is Tracy and I have been Diabetic for almost 10 years, however, I take medication by mouth which seems to really help control my blood sugar. My problem is I have a wound under both feet that are healing very slow. The one blister under my left foot has been there over a year; the other blister does show signs getting better, but it has been there almost a year. I am very careful to make sure no infection sets in on either foot. Does anyone else have a problem with wounds healing very slowly and, if so, how do you treat it?:(

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Hi Tracy! Happy New Year! :) Good to meet you.

I'm sorry to hear of your neuropathy and the wounds
on your feet. Having Good sugar control can certainly
help heal injuries faster. Even more so for a younger
Person, as you know.

Although I do not heal as fast as when I was a youngster
(even though my sugars were regularly out of control
back then), I do heal quite well considering.

I did get blisters on the sides of my ankles from my running
shoes when I was a teenager and involved with track and
field plus other excessive exercising Kids sometimes do.

I also had plantar warts on the bottom of my feet which I
picked up at a public pool while at our campsite about 10
yrs. ago. :p

I do have NLD on my left ankle(doing fine since it hasn't
flared in years)which is a condition that non-Diabetics can
also be dxd. with.

I noticed that you asked about this subject also in the
Complications forum so I will further respond to you there.
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