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My first introduction post wasn't much of an introduction, it was more like a call for help. And everyone here was so kind, caring, and helpful.

But I thought I ought to make a real introduction post now.

I live in Michigan and try to survive on my freelance writing. I've been diagnosed with lupus, fibromyalgia, Hashimoto's, and now, type two diabetes.

I started writing articles to sell to magazines about ten years ago but I worked full time as a specialty florist as well as aquaculturing marine life to sell to aquarium hobbyists on the side. I also made money by buying low and selling high on eBay. I went through a divorce and my health started to deteriorate. Then I got too sick to keep a job as a florist and revved up my freelance writing efforts.

I'm a homelessness activist and work to change attitudes about poor people through writing, mentoring, and volunteer work.

I just got diagnosed with diabetes and I heard that this was a very helpful forum. I'm happy to say I've found that to be absolutely correct.
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