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Yesterday I ended up hi-jacking the slippery slope thread as I decided to give cooking with artificial sweeteners a try. I was very nervous since I was cooking this for a group of friends coming over for a new years eve party. Moon was a great support as I went through the cooking process. The bean mixtures stunk and things did not look hopeful heading into the oven. I took Moon's suggestion and offered a prize to whoever could guess the secret ingredient. Everyone loved the cake and no one guesses they were eating black beans. My picky husband even ate a second piece after he knew about the beans!

The funniest comment was from my 11 year old son once I spilled the beans on the secret ingredient. He said. "great! You mean to tell me the whole house is gonna be gassy from eating chocolate cake? At least now I have an excuse."

Maybe next I will try those bars that were posted last week.:D
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