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My wife, Anita, did not feel well during our days on our vacation in MN. She did not say anything, and my friends and I never knew there was a problem. She did so much walking, miles each day, and did not feel like doing it. She knew how much this trip meant to me, so she kept quiet about the way she felt. On the day we flew back to NY she showed me a big patch of redness on her tummy. It was a very bright red patch measuring about 4 x 6 inches. She said she had noticed a little red bump before we left home, but it had grown in size during the vacation. She had experienced fatigue, mild nausea, some chills and sweating. She was grinning and bearing it for the four days of activities at the MOA (Mall Of America) and at the diabetes expo.

When we got home she made an appointment for the next day. The doctor was not able to see her, but his assistant examined her and suspected a tick bite and Lyme disease. He prescribed the medication that is used to treat the disease. She is supposed to take it for 21 days, there are still 14 days left. She is doing so much better now, and the redness is almost gone. We read online that the disease progresses slowly and her starting the med less than a week after the little red spot first appeared kept it from going into the second stage.

I feel so guilty now that she suffered and did not tell me how she felt. I enjoyed the vacation so much, and meeting my many diabetes friends in MN was fantastic!! Anita says she enjoyed it too, but it was not easy for her. She ate very little while we were there, but I did not think much about it. She has lost a few pounds. She did all this for me. I know her love for me causes her to make sacrifices, but this could have been something more serious. If Lyme disease progressed more rapidly she could have been in big trouble.

Have any of you had Lyme disease? Did it go beyond the first stage? What happened?

Hello Richard,

No I have NEVER had lime disease but had heard it was horrible. You are one VERY lucky guy!! Anita certainly LOVES you!!! I hope she is feeling better.... Best Wishes....
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