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Naan - keto style (a flexible flatbread egg and dairy free)

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I'm always on the lookout for a bread substitute that doesn't have egg or dairy (I'm sensitive to these and need to keep consumption low).

My first batch of this was - WONDERFUL. The flatbread is flexible and moist without being gummy, and has a good smell and flavor. It puffed up when being cooked and stayed a bit fluffy when cooled. Mostly coconut flour with some almond flour and lots of psyllium, although the smell and flavor wasn't strong with the psyllium - I think the yeast and coconut flour covered it well.

It's going to be my new bread staple. Makes great sandwiches.

The recipe says it can be frozen, so I tried that - defrosted without any change.

ADDED: the recipe says to roll out to slightly thick. A better description would be medium-thin. The thinner ones baked more evenly and more quickly - but still puffed up nicely.
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They look and sound delicious. Will try this once.

At the same site I saw a spinach quiche with sweet potato crust that I'm lusting after. Once my bg stabilizes I just might give that a go - eat a slice and give the rest away :)
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