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We in New Zealand have had a devastating earthquake in the city of Christchurch in the south island, as you may have heard.

It really brings home the fact: are you ready for a natural disaster should one strike? If there was no drinkable water or shops to buy food or pharmacies to go to, would you be able to survive?? I am in the process of getting a kit together, including all my drugs and insulin etc needed if a disaster should hit us and I urge all people out there with health problems, especially diabetes to get together a survival kit.

You never know when these acts of God are going to strike or where so be prepared!!!

I hope that everything gets back to normal soon! I would be prepared as far as my meds and insulin and probably food. Water, I would need. I will get some bottled water at my next trip to the grocery store. Thanks for reminding us! Good point!
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